Harmukh Expedition

7 Days

Mt Harmukh (originally “Haramukuta”) is a mountain with a peak elevation of 5,142 metres (16,870 ft), in Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

Parent range: Himalayas

Location: Ganderbal, ‎Jammu and Kashmir‎, ‎India

First ascent: 1899 by Dr Ernest Neve‎ and Geof…‎

Easiest route: Erin, Bandipore



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Mount Harmukh Valley is a seven-day expedition. The expedition has a base camp situated in Sheraz Valley which rests at an altitude of 3300m. The base camp is an 18 km trek from the nearest village Kudara, Arin Bandipora.


The summit camp is at 4700m altitude and the summit is mostly tried by its Eastern Peak.

In total there are five summits to Harmukh Mountain: Station Peak Summit, Survey Peak Summit, Northern Summit, Western Summit, and Eastern Summit.

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Harmukh Expedition